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New MEX Customers September 2023

New MEX Customers September 2023

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to our newest customers who have joined the growing MEX family! In September 2023, these valued individuals and organizations made the decision to invest in the MEX Maintenance Software, and we are thrilled to have them as integral members of our esteemed MEX Community.


Newhaul logo

Newhaul – Newhaul is logistics re-imagined. They work closely with businesses to provide in-house bulk haulage solutions, enhancing flexibility, resource sharing, fostering a stronger community, and, above all, reducing costs. Newhaul’s unwavering dedication to preventative maintenance underscores their commitment to driver safety and the well-being of all road users.

“Our main goal with choosing MEX is to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and gain a detailed understanding of our maintenance and inventory needs. We wanted a program that was simple to use, but powerful in functionality and MEX checks all those boxes for us.”

Midfield logo

The Midfield Group - The Midfield Group is a multi-faceted meat processing company built on solid farming foundations and embracing the values of life on the land. The Midfield Group is 100 percent Australian owned and operated. It is a proud supporter of the south-west Victorian district, employing more than 1500 people largely from the region. We are involved in a variety of partner breeding programs with local farmers designed to cement supply and support local industry.

“Our main objective is to implement a tool that helps our Operations team to plan and execute the critical work of maintaining our assets, with improved visibility of works being conducted, better control over operational costs and a simpler way to complete administrative processes.”

Duxton  logo

Duxton Vineyards - Home of Rewild Wines, Solara Sparkling Wines and many more. Duxton Viticulture owns and operates over 2,400 hectares of vineyards in the Murray Darling region and includes a large-scale winery. Duxton Viticulture is also one of the largest certified members of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

“As the business grew, it was important to have good records and visibility over our maintenance operations, particularly at the winery site. Our goal is to dramatically improve our preventive maintenance planning and scheduling, material costs reporting, as well as maintaining an accurate catalogue of spares and consumables in our store. Although early, MEX integration has been easy, with good support and a simple user interface.”

New edge logo

New Edge Microbials - New Edge Microbials is Australia's leading biological manufacturer for agricultural products. NEM is the only company in the world to successfully deliver Rhizobia Legume Inoculants in an exclusive formulation via a freeze-dried vial through the product EasyRhiz – a convenient format farmers can readily incorporate into existing farm practices. In partnership with Australia’s leading soil science centers and leading agricultural distributors, we are delivering to farmers, microbes that are fundamental to farm productivity, sustainability, and soil health – Supporting profitability and reducing their reliance on synthetic fertilisers.

NEM implemented MEX to ensure our Manufacturing facility was covered by an Automated Maintenance Management System. Automated management of safety, Compliance and Reliability based work orders and longer-term preventative maintenance activities ensures our processes and equipment uptime is World Class.”

Buru logo

Buru Rehab – The rehabilitation specialists. Buru rehab is a majority indigenous-owned business dedicated to delivering professional mine rehabilitation services throughout WA. Bringing together a team of experts deeply passionate about their work, with a strong focus on engaging with traditional landowners. Their approach combines science, engineering, expert earthworks operators and traditional

“We wanted a streamline and efficient maintenance system for our growing rehabilitation company.”


Strata Plan 37248- Strata Plan 37248 (Lake Crackenback Resort) is nestled in the heart of the Snowy Mountains Ski fields in Kosciusko National Park.  The resort has a mixture of luxury self-contained Chalet’s and waterfront apartments centered on the magnificent Lake Crackenback.

"Eric Burns, the strata plan’s Operations Coordinator is implementing MEX into the strata plan’s Asset Management functionality across all parts of the common property.  The flexibility and adaptability of the Asset Register, combined with the professionalism of the work orders and preventative maintenance scheduling is bringing a level of professionalism and risk management mitigation that is rarely seen in the day-to-day management of a Strata Plan.”




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