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New MEX Mobile Release June 2023

New MEX Mobile Release June 2023

We're thrilled to announce the release of MEX Mobile V1.22, packed with exciting updates to streamline syncing and improve data integrity. Our focus has been on enhancing the syncing process between MEX Mobile and the MEX Server, resulting in faster sync times and robust auditing measures. Rest assured that all data entered on your mobile device will seamlessly reach the server.

These enhancements extend beyond the MEX Server setup and clients, encompassing all three platforms of MEX Mobile: iOS, Android, and UWP (Universal Windows Platform). We've also addressed any Single Sign-On (SSO) issues related to mobile login and document uploads, ensuring a smooth user experience.

When it comes to Readings, we've taken extra care to ensure accurate data management. Readings entered on a device, whether through Prestart checks or Work Orders, are now correctly saved on the device and synced to the MEX Database as intended. Additionally, viewing a list of Readings is now displayed accurately.

To delve deeper into the specific changes and exciting enhancements introduced in MEX Mobile V1.22 and MEX, we invite you to explore the detailed release notes. Stay up to date with the latest improvements and make the most of MEX Mobile's seamless integration capabilities.

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