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New MEX Version 15 Released January 2024

New MEX Version 15 Released January 2024

To welcome in the New Year, we will be updating to MEX Version 87, an update designed to seamlessly integrate with the upcoming MEX App, set to launch on Wednesday, the 10th of January. This release marks a significant step forward in enhancing your MEX experience. Let’s delve into the key updates.

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Server Update for MEX App Integration:

MEX Version 87 paves the way for the release of MEX, the newest app designed for storemen & trades people on the go. The new update contains all the features necessary to integrate with the functionalities if the new app.

Custom Fields Performance Enhancement:

Addressing user feedback, MEX Version 87 tackles the issue encountered while saving records in MEX custom fields. As a result, the transmission of this information will now operate with enhanced reliability and speed when you need it most.

Preparing for MEX App: 

As we gear up for the release of MEX App it is important to ensure your systems are ready for the integration. Here is a brief guide to make the transition smooth:

Update to MEX Version 87: Download and install the latest version to ensure compatibility with MEX App v1.0. All About MEX Releases

System Requirements: Check and meet the specified system requirements for both MEX Version 87 and MEX App v1.0.

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With MEX Version 87, we are not just rolling out updates; we are laying the groundwork for an enhanced future with the new MEX App. Please note that if your system has been customised then you will need to contact our engineering team to integrate your customisations with the latest build.

Stay tuned for Wednesday, the 10th of January, when the revamped MEX App will be released.