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Queensland Sugar Limited Case Study

Queensland Sugar Limited Case Study

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) is a leader in the raw sugar market in Australia and has over the years built an excellent reputation for quality, service and innovation in the international sugar market. By creating sustainable business partnerships with sugar refiners in the Asia-Pacific region, QSL provides a platform for Australian sugar producers to access growing international markets.

Here at QSL we utilize MEX across six bulk sugar terminals to manage and mobilise our day-to-day maintenance activities. To help us stay on top of our maintenance activities, we utilise a set of KPIs displayed in MEX in the form of graphs.

We turned to MEX Data Hosting as a solution to the speed issues that we were experiencing.

“With MEX Data Hosting we have seen a big increase in system performance. It also makes setting up new users at any of our sites so much easier.”

Take a look at the full Queensland Sugar Limited Case Study for more information.

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