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Regionalise Your Data in MEX

Regionalise Your Data in MEX

Let’s say you have one MEX system, yet operate two separate sites. Naturally you want the asset details to remain separate to each site and have the MEX users of those sites accessing their own assets, work orders, and inventory. MEX Regions is your answer!

Regions has been designed as an added feature in MEX to allow companies with multiple "Sites" to have each site run autonomously. It has the capacity to manage a single database and run reports from a management level across all sites.

Regions in MEX allows the system to be set up so that the data entered is visible to certain Users, based upon the Region that they have been assigned when they log in.  

How do Regions work in MEX

The Asset Register in MEX can be set up in a structure that holds each sites’ assets under their own branch. For example

Unregionalised Asset Register
An example Asset Tree Structure showing multiple sites in MEX

From this layout a Region can then be set up and the correct assets for each respective site.

The users of these sites can then be given access to their respective site’s region and will only be able to work with the Assets and its associated work orders, preventative maintenance schedules, requests etc…

Regionalised Asset Register site 1
Site 1: Factory 1

Regionalised Asset Register site 2
Site 2: Factory 2

Do note that administrative users will be able to see and interact with the entire database allowing for an easy overview of the whole operation.

Although we are looking at the Asset Register in this example, most of MEX can be Regionalised. For example, each Region could include only the Account Codes that apply to their operation.

What Can Be Regionalised in MEX

The following areas can be Regionalised in MEX:

  • Account Codes
  • Assets
  • Company Details
  • Customers
  • Departments
  • Drawings
  • Freight Methods
  • Global Settings
  • Inspections
  • Keys
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchasers
  • Question Sets
  • Requests
  • Requisitions
  • Stocktakes
  • Stores
  • Suppliers
  • Trade Codes
  • Trades
  • Unassigned Contacts
  • Users

General Rules for Regions

There are some basic rules to be aware of when setting up Regions which are outlined below:

  • Each User can only be a member of one Region.
  • If you belong to a Region and are adding items (for example Assets), then those items will automatically be linked to your Region.
  • Region Mapping allows you to link Regions together so that if items are added to one Region MEX will automatically add the items to its related Regions.
  • If you are a User with no Region then you can see all information in the system. Effectively this is the equivalent of an Administrator and you will see all information in the system.
  • Items added to the system by a User having no Region will not be automatically added to a Region and will therefore only be visible to other Users that have no Region.

Running multiple sites and don’t have regions?

Regions is an optional function in MEX that must be purchased before it is available for use. Contact our sales team today at for more information.

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