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Replacing a Broken Meter in MEX

Replacing a Broken Meter in MEX

There will be occasions when the meter on a unit will fail and a replacement installed in its place, or a meter will go “around the clock”. For these cases, if a usage meter needs replacing on an Asset, the next reading entered into MEX is likely to be inconsistent with the last reading taken before the replacement.

For example, if the hour meter reading last entered for a forklift was 23,445 hours and the meter has broken and replaced with a new one, then the next reading could be 120 hours. The Average Weekly Usage calculated from these readings is likely to be inconsistent with reality.

To ensure MEX is up to date with this change, you can record the old and the new meter reading.

Instructions on how to Record a Broken Meter

  • From Main Menu, click the Readings button 

MEX Main Menu

  • Select the Asset and reading type in the Readings Listing for which the Broken Meter is to be recorded
  • Click the Broken Meter button

Broken Meter Button

The Report Broken Meter screen will now display with both the selected Asset No and the Frequency/Reading Type automatically populated for Asset & Reading type:

Report Broken Meter Details

  • Input the reading of the old meter. 
  • Input the reading on new meter. 
  • Click the X in the top right of the form to save and close

When the readings are next viewed for an Asset, there are two columns displayed, the “Accumulated Reading” and the “Meter Reading.” In the case of the usage being recorded i.e. operating hours, the Accumulated Reading is the total usage of the Asset, and the Meter Reading is what was actually showing on the meter when the reading was recorded. Typically, these columns will show the same value for each reading, but if a meter replacement has been recorded then they will differ.

For more information or help with this, please contact the MEX Support team at or call +61 7 3392 4777

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