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Securing your MEX data with HTTPS

Securing your MEX data with HTTPS

With more and more customers choosing to host their MEX data online, the biggest question is how secure is this data? Making sure that only authorised personnel get access to it.

There is a saying that prevention is better than cure! So instead of waiting for your data to be compromised, put up the barriers now and secure it. How you may ask?

Well it’s simple, combine MEX Data hosting and secure it with HTTPS

For those not savvy with the term HTTPs, here’s a simple breakdown.

I am sure most of you have tried to buy a new set of tools online and have noticed the HTTPS (sometimes accompanied by a lock) before the website. This internet protocol protects your personal information by encrypting it. Information like Credit Card details, personal addresses, etc… and only transmits this encrypted information to the server you are dealing with.

Only those with access to this secure site can then view, decrypt and interpret your information. No one outside this circle can access your data. If you honestly haven’t noticed this when trying to make an online transaction, you really are playing with fire and are only leaving yourself open to identity theft online.

Now if you are hosting your data on the MEX server, securing your data is as easy as picking up the phone and asking our support team to add HTTPs to your data. If you’re hosting your data on your own server and want to secure it, ask your IT administrator to install a SSL certificate on the site and this will secure it for you.

If you’re not hosting and are interested in this service, here’s a rundown on what we do to get you hosted and secured:

  • You give us your MEX database
  • We set it up on our Data Hosting server
  • We then set up a security certificate that will encrypt/decrypt your data as you work with MEX
  • We send you a link
  • You work securely without ever worrying about your data being compromised.

It’s a quick and easy setup, that’s reliable and secure.

If you have any questions on securing you’re already hosted data, please contact MEX support at

For more information on hosting your data with us please visit the MEX Data Hosting page or contact MEX Sales at or call +61 7 3392 4777