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Take MEX Anywhere with Data Hosting

Take MEX Anywhere with Data Hosting

With over ten thousand users now using MEX Data Hosting, our cloud platform has grown into a reliable and robust service that now maintains over a hundred servers.

Hosting takes the hassle out of using MEX and allows you to access MEX Anywhere, on any browser and a number of different devices.

With MEX Data Hosting

  • Your system is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, utilizing the best in the cloud hosting business
  • You can save on all setup costs associated with setting up your own IT Infrastructure
  • Our Cloud administrators will get you up and running and will make sure that all hardware and server software are fully maintained. In the process guaranteeing that your data has an uptime in excess of 99%
  • Rest assured that all Servers, Databases and Documents are securely stored on state-of-the-art equipment, using Enterprise Grade Security measures and Virus Protection

MEX Data Hosting Info

If you have a team of technicians on the road, get them onto the MEX Mobile app and allow them to enter maintenance information on site.

If you are interested in hosting your MEX system with our hosted server, please contact our Sales team today at

For more information, download the hosting FAQ

MEX Data Hosting FAQ

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