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The Contractor Portal Tech Tip

The Contractor Portal Tech Tip

Contractor Work Orders
The Contractor Work Order is a part of the Work Order module of MEX.

It has been created for companies who use a lot of contractors in doing the work in their operation, with a focus on Purchase Orders and Invoicing, to allow for better management of the contractor work.

The target of the Contractor Work Order is that for companies that predominantly use contractors, it is easier to manage the work that is being done by the contractors.  

To raise a Contractor Work Order, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Work Order button on the Main Menu.
  2. Select the Contractor option at the top of the Work Order Listing.
    • The listing will be refreshed and only show Work Orders that are of the contractor format. 
    • The contractor Work Order format can be set as a default in User options.
  3. Press the New button.

The Work Order format is now set to ‘Contractor’, which has the following mandatory fields:

  • Asset Number
  • Job Description
  • Contractor

Once these three fields are filled out, it can be treated much like a regular work order, with the following exceptions on the Contractor tab:

  • You can include quote details.
  • The Add PO Button, which raises a Purchase Order that associates the quote to it.
  • Invoice information can be stored against the Work Order once the job is complete.

The Contractor Portal
In MEX there is another login available that can be provided to contrators that work within your operation.

It is a safe way for them to process the that is allocated to them and to do the data entry instead of receiving paper copies of reports, Work Orders and invoices.

To set up a contractor portal use the following steps

  1. Press the Control File Button on the Main Menu.
  2. Press the Control File Button on the Left hand pane.
  3. Select Contractors/Suppliers from the list of control files.
  4. Double Click on a Contractor
  5. Press the User Details button
  6. You will be prompted with a message that says
  7. Click Yes and assign a login name in the Login Name Field.
  8. Check the Contractor Portal User check box.
  9. Press the close button.

Make sure security is turned on (From the Main Menu -> Control Files -> Security Switches and set Security System to ON.

A contractor will now be able to log into the Contractor Portal. This view allows for limited access to the MEX system. So, as a manger of MEX you can feel comfortable with the work performed by your contractors.

A contractor has the ability to notify their employer of the status of a job, including its completion. A green tick will be placed next to the Work Order Number in the Work Order Listing in MEX; the example below shows a job that has been completed by the Contractor ‘Cummins Diesel’.

The contractor can also directly create an invoice from within the contractor portal, which will then be associated with the Contractor Work Order that was assigned to them.

The manager can view the status of the work; invoices entered and can approve or reject any of these entries to manage the work done by external personnel.