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The Greatest New Generation of MEX Software available

The Greatest New Generation of MEX Software available

Introducing the new version of MEX, v 14. An all new, Microsoft Silverlight based application that works on most browsers, introduces more efficient updates, and is faster and even easier to use.

If you don’t have a current Maintenance Agreement with MEX or FleetMEX, you are about to miss out on most remarkable release of software to be made available by MEX.

Call MEX on 07 3392 4777 or email for more information.

Features Include:

Web Updating

From this version on, all updates of MEX and Fleet­MEX can be handled via our servers. Auto Update of your system can occur whenever you want and no CD required.

Use either version of MEX and FleetMEX

Due to numerous requests, you can now use Ver­sion 12 or Version 14 on the same data making it easier for you.

Web based solutions

  • Run MEX from your browser.
  • Faster than ever before.
  • Still run Version 12 and Version 14 together.


Designed and developed by MEX, the Bulk Sched­uler makes it so easy. Schedule all your weeks work with the press of one button.

Contractor Management

  • Manage all your contractors work.
  • Issue PO’s to the contractor from a Work Order easily.
  • Invoice matching.
  • Individual web portal for Contractors to log into and manage work.

iPad, iPhone, iPod

  • New version for all of these.
  •  Extra modules.
  • Disconnected. Just like MEX Mobile. Download your work in seconds, disconnect and then synchronise later.

Try the MEX v 14 trial now and see for yourself