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The Power of MEX in a Browser

The Power of MEX in a Browser

In this article we take a look at the newly released MEX 15 and exploring the variety of ways you can leverage your browser to improve productivity by embracing the new multi-tab, breadcrumb navigation pattern enhancements that have been introduced in this new version.

Prior to MEX 15, each time you would navigate to a listing or a details page, a new window would open and take focus. For those of you that are using MEX 15 you may have noticed that things are a little bit different now. Instead, each page takes up the entire real estate of the screen, with a breadcrumb appearing at the top each time you go deeper into the application.

We’ve adopted this approach because MEX 15 no longer relies on third party plugins. There’s no dependence on Silverlight or any other plugin. Think of it just like another website out on the net. All you have to do is open up MEX and you’re on your way. On top of that, this means we’ve opened up all the cool features of modern browsers, like multi-tab and bookmark support, just to name a few.

This gives MEX the freedom to use a lot more of the screen real-estate and gives you the freedom to navigate and use the system as comfortably as you use your browser.

Have you ever wanted to bookmark a details or listing page and come back to it at any time?

Well, now you can! Just like all other websites, MEX 15 allows you to utilize the already familiar “favorite” or “bookmark” feature of your browser. This works because every single page has a unique address which you can save for later, or even share with colleagues. This means that you can now have Work Order 500 open and then copy its link from the address bar and paste it into an email. When the recipient clicks the link, they are prompted to log in and are directed straight to the Work Order. Simple right?

This new pattern also comes with advancements for those who multi-task. Since each page consumes all the space available, you may be wondering how you can view a Purchase Order and a Work Order at the same time, while also studying your MEX Today KPIs on the side? Now this is where the power of MEX in the browser really shines.

  • Go to the Work Order listing
  • Pick a Work order and click the details link with your middle mouse scroll wheel.
  • If you’re using a mouse that doesn’t have this simply hold down Control and left click.
  • You’ll see a new tab open, with the details of that Work order inside.
  • Without leaving your current tab, go to Purchase Orders and select one. Hold Control and left click details.
  • Another tab will open
  • With your current tab still unaffected.

Now you have three tabs with MEX open and each can be used separately and independently, but you are only consuming one user license.

Guess what, you can do this anywhere in the system too. Like that link in Work Order Spares to its Purchase Order? Middle mouse click it into a new tab. Want to return back to the main menu but also stay on your current page? Middle mouse click the home icon in your breadcrumb bar.]

We don’t stop there! You can also take advantage of the browsers utility functions like Ctl + F (Find) and search through text on the page. Or Ctl + P (Print) and print a page as it appears on the screen.

Think of the product more like a website and you’ll find yourself much more comfortable in the flow of navigation and general use of the system. One a final note, in previous versions of MEX, you would close each control one by one to make your way back to the main menu. In MEX 15, you no longer have to close each individual breadcrumb by itself. Choose how far back you want to go, and just click it. You’ll go straight there.

If you have any question on this please contact our support team at or call + 61 7 3392 4777

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