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The Work Pack

The Work Pack

The Work Pack

MEX recently completed the Product Release Training Days which were conducted throughout Australia and New Zealand over a four week period.  These training days were a new concept brought about by the result of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).  These training days proved a great success and are at least one positive we can take out of the GFC!

A great number of new features were demonstrated including one I wish to discuss in a little more detail, the ‘Work Pack’.  The Work Pack is an option for selection when you print a Work Order.


The Work Pack allows you to combine multiple Work Orders and/or associated documents into a single PDF file. This PDF file can be printed or attached to an e-mail and forwarded to a contractor / location etc.

Before dismissing the use of the Work Pack let me ask you a question, ‘do you strive or want your staff to complete jobs accurately and in the shortest possible time’?  Most people would say yes, of course, it goes without saying. Then they fail to provide the best opportunity to maximise the chance of success by not providing all the information required.   A good planner does not just schedule tasks, but provides all the information for the repairer including but not limited to:

  • Detailed descriptions of the tasks to be carried out
  • A list of all parts needed for the job on the Work Order
  • A list of all the tools required to do the job
  • A job safety analysis and risk assessment
  • Drawings of how the item needing repair operates and is assembled
  • Descriptions and photos of what they should find as they do the job
  • A step by step procedure of what to do, with clear indication and advice for the critical parts of the work
  • A test and check sheet to confirm accuracy of the work and to be a record of the job
  • A completed Work Order from the repairer to advise the Planner what they found to be different to what was planned and expected

If being efficient and effective with your people, time, equipment and money is important to you, then the use of the Work Pack should increase the chances of you succeeding.  Go ahead and try it, I think you will find it useful.

Please visit the MEX website for more information of the new features of MEX v12.4 and FleetMEX v5.1.