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Training Overview for 2022

Training Overview for 2022

With 2022 wrapping up, our trainers have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of being back out on the road. Constantly reminding the rest of the MEX team how happy they all are that the borders are open and they are travelling again. Having to work with customers face to face again is something they all relish and as result we have seen a lot of great feedback come our way.

This year we also welcomed Lisa Day to the team. With broad experience in maintenance administration, encompassing mobile, fixed and infrastructure assets as a long-term Mex user.  Lisa is an engaging trainer, providing a positive learning environment. A wonderful addition to the team.

Here are some of what our customers have had to say this year:

“The thought of 3 days of online training was a little daunting but Lisa managed to make it enjoyable. I commend her energy and approach.”
“Thank you so much for your reply Darren! Very helpful in regards to what we are trying to achieve with a Tool List in MEX. We appreciate your time and your knowledge of MEX is very helpful, we can do so much more with the system.”
“Rob did a great job with our training. Everyone was very pleased with the outcome and his delivery was second to none.”
“Julia is a Great trainer that gave relevant examples and helped troubleshoot ideas as we worked through our unique way of working with MEX”
“We would like to thank Lindsay for the training. It was extremely informative and enlightening for us and we couldn’t ask for a better trainer. Lindsay was very engaging, and his guidance made a positive impact for us all. So, thank you Lindsay.”

From the MEX team in the office, please book more training so we can get them all out of the building. Having all five together in the office is like sitting in a rock concert! 

In all seriousness, the MEX training team would like to thank you all for the continuing partnership and we hope that you have taken the best out of our sessions and are continuing your improve of your MEX setup.

Training Dates have already been released for 2023 so if you are interested please jump online today and book your spot:

Training Dates 2023

If you are after a more tailored experience, book your private training online or contact our training team at or call + 61 7 3392 4777.