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What are Deadlocks in SQL

What are Deadlocks in SQL

With the recent release of the MEX Maintenance Software, also came a fix for potential deadlocks. Further improving the reliability of the database, we use to store all your maintenance data.

What are deadlocks and why does it matter to you?

As defined by SQL Shack:

A deadlock occurs when 2 processes are competing for exclusive access to a resource but is unable to obtain exclusive access to it because the other process is preventing it. This results in a standoff where neither process can proceed. The only way out of a deadlock is for one of the processes to be terminated. SQL Server automatically detects when deadlocks have occurred and takes action by killing one of the processes known as the victim.

MEX is a multi-user system and so there is always the potential that a Deadlock could affect the saving of data.

How do you know if a deadlock has occurred?

If you notice that files have not been processing or saving data is not going through, there is a possibility that a deadlock has occurred.

Reviewing the MEX System logs is the best way to identifying if there has been a deadlock. 

What tables in MEX have been updated to better handle Deadlocks?

Changes have been made to the MEX Database to better handle deadlocks identified through rigorous testing. Areas that were affected included the Work OrdersWork Order TradesWork Order SparesMEX Cache and the MEX Mobile tables.

Any Questions?

Our friendly support team is on hand to help you with any questions or if you need troubleshooting done around SQL Deadlocks. Please feel free to contact them at or call +61 7 3392 4777


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