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What you can expect from us in 2012

What you can expect from us in 2012

2011 was a massive year for us, and we hope you had a fruitful one too!

A couple of our highlights included the successful release of MEX on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  We upgraded our PC versions of MEX to 12.5 and FleetMEX to 5.  We had an amazing User Conference in August, and a crazy Byron Bay Christmas party in December!

This year we’re focussing on giving you the ability to access your data where ever you are, on whatever device you’re using.

Here’s a couple of features and products you can look forward to from us.

MEX on the Cloud

At the base of this shift, is a massive MEX upgrade to version 14. 

With this update, MEX will move onto the cloud.  This means that instead of downloading MEX as a program, you will be able to access it through your internet browser, on any computer.  Simply log in using your details and all of your company’s data will be there, safe and sound.

This upgrade will also apply to FleetMEX.

iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

The MEX Apps will continue to be pushed to their limits.  The Apps have been out for a few months now and we are putting a greater emphasis on your specific feedback to provide improvements.

So please, keep the feedback coming!

MEX Express

This will be a stand-alone, iPhone and iPad based CMMS.  Initially it won’t have the same capabilities as the full version of MEX, however it will allow smaller businesses a chance to run their maintenance operation at a low cost.

Down the track, as their operation grows, they can easily upgrade to the full MEX system.  Keeping their data intact.

Content galore!

We’ve integrated a blog into our new website (as you may have noticed) and with this, we aim to provide you with as much free content as our little fingers can type up!

From general goings-on around the office, such as the addition of our new Pinball Machine!  To in-depth articles covering MEX, the maintenance industry, tutorials, videos and more.

Stick around, because 2012 in going to be a great year for facilities everywhere!

And how about you?

Have you got big plans for 2012?  What do you think of our goals?  Did you have a good Christmas and New Year’s?

Let us know in the comments!