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Workplace Health and Safety and MEX

Workplace Health and Safety and MEX

October marks ‘National Safe Work Month’, a campaign launched by Safe Work Australia back in 2008. This year’s theme is ‘A moment is all it takes’. MEX joined the initiative and started sharing tips on how MEX can help you increase safety in your workplace.

Workplace health and safety gaps pose serious consequences to employee wellbeing, even costing up to $5000 per worker each year and additionally resulting in a loss of 4.1 per cent of Australia’s gross domestic product.

Implementing stringent safety practices can help ensure staff safety and maximised productivity. Research does however suggest that workplaces aren’t compliant with safety codes and some are even unaware of what the codes are!

MEX has a whole host of features and functionality that can help you monitor and manage your safety practices. We’ve developed a whitepaper that addresses the issue of workplace health and safety and how MEX can be used to ease the burden and mitigate your risks.

Download a copy of our white paper: Workplace Health and Safety: How a CMMS can improve Workplace Health & Safety practices

Workplace Health and Safety White Paper

National Safe Work Month