Breweries Maintenance Management

MEX Maintenance Software in Breweries Management

Brewing beer is a delicate art, one the requires precision, consistency, patience and preparedness. Successful brewing entails consistent quality control across every step of the process including: clean equipment, well maintained and calibrated equipment, reliable tank temperatures and optimal spare parts available.

MEX Maintenance Software can help you manage these aspects of your brewery to help you create a great product through effective equipment maintenance, preventative maintenance and inventory management.

Manage Your Equipment with MEX

  • Input all your equipment details into the MEX Asset Register
  • Manage all Work Orders for your Equipment
  • Assign Work Permits so only authorised staff can complete delicate maintenance
  • All information stored in one place, making OHS guidelines easy to prove

Preventative Maintenance with MEX

  • An instrument that isn’t calibrated correctly can negatively affect nearly every aspect the brewing process. With MEX you can assign routine Preventative Maintenance policies to check your temperature probes, pH meters, and hydrometers are calibrated regularly & correctly. Taking away the stress of one small error derailing an entire brew.
  • Assign routine cleaning policies. Maintaining clean equipment should always be on the forefront of brewing maintenance. Clean tanks and equipment produce higher quality products.
  • Closely monitor your equipment such as your steam system: Pump seals, vacuum relief valves and leaky steam solenoids are all common place risk areas that can lead to costly boiler replacements.

Manage Your Spare Parts with MEX

Every successful brewery needs an effective inventory management system. MEX can help you ensure your always on top of your stock levels. Any critical spare parts can be assigned automatic ordering, so an order is placed when stock numbers reach a pre-defined level. By ensuring you always have critical parts in stock MEX can save you the headache of a breakdown that derails days of operation by always ensuring you have sufficient stock. 

Easily carry out regular stock takes with MEX on spare parts to ensure your breweries is in a safe position with critical, average and non-critical spare parts.