Education Maintenance Management

MEX Maintenance Software in Education Management

The proper maintenance of educational facilities is paramount to the overall effectiveness of an organisations learning environment. Maintaining facilities to the highest possible standard can often be a challenge for some when considering: a limited facilities management and maintenance budget, a finite amount of available resources and staff time and allocation.

MEX Maintenance Software can help you monitor your spending, monitor your assets and monitor your progress, improve cleanliness, orderliness and safety of an education organizations facilities.

It can often feel as though your education budget is just never enough. You’ll often hear, we just don’t have the funds, we just don’t have the resources or it’s just not a priority right now. MEX can help you make the make the most of the money you do you have and justify asset expenses when necessary.

Use MEX to Monitor Maintenance Expenses

  • Track all Purchasing
  • Track all Receipting
  • Monitor Asset depreciation
  • Monitor all maintenance costs
  • Identify maintenance trends and formulate strategies to reduce expenditure
  • Monitor & manage hours worked
  • Reduce operational costs and life cycle costs of a building through preventative maintenance and regular maintenance

MEX Asset Register

  • Catalogue all your Assets in one place
  • Assign routine maintenance Work Orders to Assets
  • Track all work carried out on Assets
  • Assign to do lists or works to stay on top of crucial safety maintenance like on
    • Smoke Alarms
    • Fire Extinguishers

Keep Your Stakeholders in the Loop

  • MEX has the ability to provide a snapshot of all Key Performance Indicators to any authorised personal
  • Represent costs, Maintenance Work and much more in graphical formats through the MEX Dashboard

Cranbrook School

“Having all our procedures for maintaining assets streamlined has been the major benefit. This can be attributed to MEX’s Preventative Maintenance functionality that has allowed us to more rigorously follow and ensure that regular checks and tests are completed on assets along a correct time line.”

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