Education Maintenance Management

Helping the Educational Sector Manage Assets

To keep schools and campuses up and running, constant tests are run for their maintenance departments. Educational facilities can range from single-room buildings to multi-site campuses. Regardless of the size, any type of educational institution demands organisation, accountability and reliability.

The MEX CMMS gives you everything you need, making it easier to collect, share and simplify your maintenance management practices. It doesn’t matter if your school or campus has a mix of old and new, MEX can handle it all. You can work smarter with a simple and intuitive software that makes your job easier whilst driving productivity and improving efficiency.

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MEX Can Help You

Get Ahead - Stay Ahead


MEX gives you the know how to make sure work orders get done the right way, by the right people and in the right order. Your educational facility maintenance will be at the top of the class. Ensure your assets are maintained, in a safe, operational condition while meeting the needs of the community.

Stay on Schedule

MEX accelerates maintenance productivity by allowing you to setup Preventative Maintenance Schedules. It’s easier to avoid a problem than fix it. By actively looking for minor issues across your campus before it grows, ultimately saves you time, money and effort.

Enhance Safety

Safety is the number one priority for schools and universities. MEX makes sure classrooms, offices, outdoor fields and its onsite equipment are all safe to use. Staff can quickly access inspection records, perform tasks and maintain equipment to keep everything running smoothly.

Prioritise Work

With a high number of facilities and equipment, maintenance departments at schools commonly process a high volume of work orders. MEX provides a digital and centralised database to monitor requests and help staff prioritise jobs. Easily generate, assign, schedule, update and close tasks.

Stay Compliant

Campuses and schools must adhere to many important government regulations to maintain funding. Storing and organising records becomes a breeze with the MEX system. Access and send files with a few simple clicks. You can ensure you are always complying and everyone is kept in the loop.

Request Management

MEX Ops Requests


Allow users to submit maintenance requests anywhere, any time. Either from from a browser, mobile or tablet. Capturing all details, photos and forms. You can then categorically sort requests according to a preferred priority schedule, weeding out any low priority issues and turning high priority requests into actionable Work Orders.

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MEX Ops Request Process

Cranbrook School

Cranbrook is an Anglican independent day and boarding school for boys, pre-school aged to year 12 established back in July 1918 in Bellevue Hill in Sydney Harbour. MEX is used by our facilities and maintenance team to assist with day to day operations. MEX helps manage and track Requests, Work Orders and Preventative Maintenance.

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