Facilities Maintenance Management

MEX Maintenance Software in Facilities Management

The MEX Maintenance Management System employs a number of easy to use modules that work hand in hand to ensure that all of a facilities equipment are actually maintained whilst monitoring and capturing performance and work history.

Features Specific to Facilities Management

There are a number of features in MEX that will help you take control of your facilities maintenance operations.

Features of the MEX Maintenance Management Software include

Brisbane Gateway Resort

“MEX has helped us to manage our maintenance in a more sophisticated yet practical way than the maintenance modules available within our property management system could ever allow.”

See how MEX helps the Brisbane Gateway Resort manage their maintenance operation.

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Benefits of MEX in Facilities and Building Management

The MEX CMMS allows Facility Managers to

  • Ensure that Services are efficiently delivered.

Services are delivered in a way that contributes to the productivity and profitability of those people who utilise the facility.

  • Allow for better Asset Identification within the Facility

The Asset Register in MEX allows its users to setup a clear, concise and descriptive structure that can go a long way in assisting users to identify the physical location of assets within the Facility.

  • Minimise operational life cycle costs of their facilities.

All costs associated with repairs and maintenance, security and cleaning as well as more highly technical services required for the efficient operation of the facility can be drastically minimized.

  • Effectively Plan Projects and Schedule Work

Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance and Inspection schedules can be set up and run with enough flexibility to cater for Facilities maintenance windows. For all those project tasks, a whole week’s worth of Work Orders can be scheduled in one click.

  • Manage Request and Requisitions

All Requests and Requisitions can be submitted into the MEX database and processed with ease. In the process keeping the requestor in the loop on the current status of the Request/Requisition.

  • Remove the need for complicated training programs.

As MEX is easy enough to use straight out of the box, training becomes a breeze. New and current employees can easily pick up the basics of the system and get straight to work.

  • Capture Work done on the fly.

Your employees out on the field can easily work with your maintenance data on the run with the Class leading MEX iOS app.

  • Reduce the impact Facilities can have on the environment.

Quality Support To Back you up

The MEX Support team provide a high level of customer service, support and issue resolution. The Support team ensure that you get the full potential from the MEX Software providing advice, assistance and resolutions as well as providing integral feedback from customers on the system.