Utilities Maintenance Management

MEX Maintenance Software in Utilities Management

Managing utilities requires is a big challenge due to the fact that most of the equipment used in this industry work around the clock. Any downtime would mean the untimely stoppage to your service providing efforts and result in unwanted expenses.

Operating un-safe equipment can also cause harm to the operators of a utilities equipment. Therefore ensuring they are operational and safe to work with becomes a high Priority.

MEX is trusted by a number of different companies in the Utilities industry. Companies in the public service, such as water treatment plants, waste management facilities, and gas or electricity plants. The MEX Maintenance Software helps to record and accurately maintain these types of utilities by using proven breakdown prevention practices to increase equipment uptime.

MEX will work alongside your utility’s business processes, providing performance metrics and reports to support, assist and improve your bottom line.

Features Specific to Utilities Management

MEX can manage all your utilities across multiple sites by keeping repair costs to a minimum and maximising uptime. MEX is able to achieve these gains through the versatile Asset Register and Work Order tracking, as well as reliability centred Preventative Maintenance (PM).  By ensuring regulatory OH&S compliance and appropriate financial reporting for managing costs through accurate Statutory Reportingstreamlined processes and improved visibility of current data

AGL Energy

MEX is the only Computerized Maintenance Management System used for AGL Upstream Gas Operations and maintenance. Currently MEX is used at all 5 of our liquefied Natural Gas Plants, Natural Gas Storage and Treatment Plants.

“MEX is easy to set up and easy to use. We rely on MEX as our only CMMS system for whole Upstream Gas operations and maintenance.”

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Quality Support To back you up

The MEX Support team provide a high level of customer service, support and issue resolution. The Support team ensure that you get the full potential from the MEX Software providing advice, assistance and resolutions as well as providing integral feedback from customers on the system.