MEX Simplifies Maintenance Management

Here at MEX our philosophy is we make things simple, we’re dedicated to simplifying your asset and maintenance practices.

We’re committed to making your CMMS purchase decision as straight forward as possible.

Core Modules FAQ

All you need to know about MEX: modules, fact sheets and FAQs

This page is designed to simplify your decision-making process by supplying you with all the information you could possibly need to know about MEX. Here you will find a list of factsheets that further explain the functionality of MEX and a library of MEX customer case studies so you can read firsthand accounts of the benefits of MEX.

The Core Modules of MEX

MEX Preventative Maintenance Module

Preventative Maintenance

Reduce equipment failures and downtime with Preventative Maintenance Work Orders to either time based and/or usage based frequencies schedules.

MEX Asset Register Module

Asset Management

Hierarchical Tree structure to logically organise Assets showing: Maintenance Activities, History, Readings, Spare Parts, Documents, Movements and much more.

MEX Work Orders

Work Orders & Requests

Request/Track and record work detailing the: Tasks to be performed, Parts, Trade/Person, Permits, Safety Notes, Time for full History and Reporting.

MEX Inventory Management

Stock Control & Purchasing

Full control and visibility over your Stores: Min/Max stock levels and automated restock, Suppliers, Pricing, Reservations and Purchasing.

MEX Reports and KPIs

Reports, KPIs & Dashboard

Customisable reports and KPIs that give you the visibility and reporting functionality you need to meet management objectives.

MEX App Solutions

Mobile Device Support

From Assets to Reporting, now more than ever before MEX has expanded its mobile application to make it easier for you to do your job anywhere, anytime.


A paperless maintenance environment is easily achieved thanks to digital innovations of the 21st century. The MEX Mobile Solution simplifies maintenance even further by removing any reliance on in field paperwork meaning all of your practices can be completed in the MEX digital space.

Increase the accuracy, efficiency and speed of on the go maintenance with almost all the functionality of MEX available in the palm of your hand.

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Sync Onto Device


Work With Data

Scan Barcode

Scan & Locate Assets

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what your business does but the benefits that are normally achieved with MEX include:

  • Reduction in breakdowns
  • Reduction in maintenance and inventory costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Easily report on all aspects of your Maintenance operation

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Introducing MEX Prestarts

Your operators can now run through a series of checks that Reinforces Safe Operation but also Identifies Any Faults to be Corrected then and there.

MEX Prestarts is now available on the MEX Maintenance Software

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MEX Data Hosting

Annual Maintenance Aggreement

Take advantage of the support MEX has to offer. With an AMA you get access to your support desk and free MEX updates and upgrades. Available from 7:30am – 5pm AEST, MEX Support will guide you through any questions, concerns you have about your MEX system.

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MEX Data Hosting

MEX Data Hosting

If you don’t have the capacity to host your own data or simply just don’t want to spend time, money and resources securing your MEX data then why bother? Let MEX handle it for you and reap the benefits of worldwide access, uptime in excess of 99% and minimal set up costs.

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MEX Data Hosting

MEX Training Services

Our Training team is designed to giving you a range of training options to suit your needs. From a basic understanding to an advanced one, we cover MEX, FleetMEX, Stores and Reports. MEX training allows your organisation to squeeze every possible benefit out of MEX.

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MEX Data Hosting

Customisations of MEX

Need a new report or maybe an interface to from a financial package? Our Engineering Team can customise your MEX or FleetMEX system to work the way you want it to. Tailoring your system to suit your maintenance operation, making for easier management of Assets.

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