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MEX Prestarts Out Now!

Capture all Prestarts carried out on your equipment and ensure all results are recorded. Images are captured and all readings are sent straight through to your MEX System.

Now available across MEX and all MEX Mobile apps on Android, iOS and UWP stores.

Take a look at how Prestarts work Today in our short introduction.

Improve Safety

Improve Safety

Elevate your safety levels and ensure that equipment is only ever operated if it has passed a series of checks.

Go Digital

Go Digital

Use Prestarts on any device and make sure that everything is recorded and nothing is lost. Go paperless with MEX Prestarts.

Capture Images

Capture Images

Paper based prestarts could never allow you to capture the images you need to make a case. Point and shoot and attach to your prestart with ease.

Request Maintenance

Request Maintenance

If you pick up a defect as you work through your checks, request maintenance there and then by either creating a MEX Request or a Work Order.

Frequently Asked MEX Prestarts Questions

MEX Modules

You will need to be on the latest build of MEX released in June 2021 in order to be able to use the new MEX Prestarts.

Once you have upgraded to the latest build, you will need to add the module for access through your Side Modules. To do this:

  • Click the Hamburger menu to the top right-hand side of the screen
  • Click Options in the resulting menu
  • Click the Side Modules Tab
  • Select Prestarts in All Side Modules and click the -> button to add it to your current Side Modules
  • Restart MEX and Prestarts will now appear in your Main Menu’s side modules

Here is a tech tip detailing these steps: Add Prestarts to the MEX Main Menu

MEX Prestarts Icon

MEX Prestarts


No, Prestarts has been included as a Side Module of the MEX Maintenance Software. The Prestart specific user licensing however will need to be purchased to allow your operators to carry out the checks.

Using QR Codes with MEX Prestarts

Yes, they do, along with Barcodes.

Both the QR and Barcode labels can be printed from MEX Reports or you can print an Individual Asset’s QR Code from directly inside the Asset’s Details.

Add Pictures Alongside Your Checks

Paper based prestarts could never allow you to capture the images you need to make a case.

As you work through each of your Prestart checks, you have the option to add multiple photos to each check.

When a Prestart is completed, any defects identified are accompanied with these images, giving you the full picture of the issue at hand.

You can then attach them to any Requests or Work Orders raised from the checks.