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MEX Report Designer Frequently Asked Questions

MEX Report Designer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the new Report Designer?

To get access to the new Report Designer, you will need to be on the latest build of MEX. The Report Designer was released in November’s Build of MEX V15.

New MEX Version

How can I access the Report Designer?

The MEX Report Library is located inside the reports listing on the Control Files of MEX. There are two ways to get here

  1. Via the Hamburger menu
    1. Click the MEX Hamburger menu on the top right-hand corner of the screen
    2. Locate and select the Design Reports option
    3. This will open up the MEX Reports listing in the Control Files
  2. Via the Control Files
    1. From the Main Menu of MEX click the Control Files button
    2. On the Left-hand side Click Control Files, scroll down and click Reports
    3. This will open up the MEX Reports listing

Working with the NEW Designer

How many reports does the MEX system have?

There are over230 reports which come standard with MEX. There is no limit on the number of reports that you can add on top of these standard reports.

What is the Report Library?

The new MEX Report Library is a cloud repository of all MEX system reports. All new reports will be added to this library and made available for customers to download.

MEX Report Library

I don’t have an AMA, can I download reports from the cloud?

Unfortunately, no, only customers that have a valid AMA can access the MEX Report Library.

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Do my old reports still work with the new Report Designer?

Yes, we have built in the functionality to allow older reports in MEX 15 to work without any issues. If you are having issues after an upgrade please contact MEX support at

Is report editing supported by MEX Support?

No, this is not covered in the AMA. Our support team can guide you to the report designer and help get you started. What you do from then on is not supported.

I’m out of my depth, do MEX create Custom Reports?

If you have had a crack and still cannot get the report you want, our Engineering team can send you a quote to get the report created.

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