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Accessing MEX Ops

Accessing MEX Ops

MEX Ops has taken a whole new look and now works intelligently across multiple devices. One thing still remains the same as the old version, you need to access MEX Ops inside a browser. That is, your MEX systems defined link ( E.g http://yourserver/MEXData/Ops )

Once you have the link, type it into your browser’s address bar or simply click the link to open MEX Ops.

Using the MEX System Menu

  • Ops MEX in your preferred browser
  • Click the MEX System menu
  • Scroll down and click MEX Ops

Opening MEX Ops in MEX
Opening MEX Ops from MEX

Desktop vs Application Mode

Introducing the two new modes:

  • Desktop mode – A full list of Requests and options are displayed to the user
  • Application mode -  Responsive design displays requests in an simplified and easy to read mobile listing

Upon login, MEX Ops will determine the screen size of your device and will choose the appropriate mode. Simply use the "Desktop Mode" switch on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to switch between the two.

MEX Ops Desktop Mode
Desktop VS Application Mode examples


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