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CMMS Naming Conventions

CMMS Naming Conventions

 As users of software systems often complain;

“We can’t find our information!”

The main cause of this problem is the failure to establish a consistent and logical naming convention.  If you can’t remember what you called your asset, how are you going to find it in the system and maintain it?

Creating standardised naming conventions will aid in:

·         Record searching

·         Maintaining data integrity

·         Data reporting and analysis

There are areas you must establish effective naming conventions, these are:

·         Asset Register

·         Stores Catalogue

·         Control Files

Asset Register Naming Conventions

Most CMMSs make it possible to input plenty of detail when creating Asset Register entries.  However the most important information must be represented with just two principal naming conventions.

These conventions take the form of an Asset Number and Asset Description.

Different industries use a variety of conventions.  For example, the aviation and maritime industries use a KKS structure (which has also been adopted into the power industry). 

Let’s say a CNC machine is in operation in the Production Line of Factory 1.  There are three similar units in other areas of the organisation and this unit is identified as CNC Machine 4. 

You could name this unit CNC4, as this adequately identifies the individual unit.  However, when viewed without the context of the factory, this name has no indication of the actual location or purpose of the unit.

By adopting a numbering convention that is comprised of location, unit number, and position in a plant, you show much more clarity.

If we were to call this piece of machinery, F1CNC4PL (or CNC number 4, Factory 1, Production Line) then users of the system would easily recognise machine location and purpose at a glance.

Make it logical and consistent

Asset numbering and naming doesn’t need to be complex, it should however, always be consistent and logical.

Once you’ve determined the structure of the numbering and naming convention, you must record it in your maintenance policy document.

Everyone entering data or assets into the register should follow this process to ensure the maximum data-integrity possible.

What methods have you used to name your data?