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Hosting a CMMS locally or on the Cloud

Hosting a CMMS locally or on the Cloud

If you’re in the decision making stage regarding your Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) hosting needs, here’s a quick guide to help you understand the differences between hosting on your own servers and having your system hosted on the cloud.

First I’ll explain each of the options.

If you host your CMMS at your own site, you will need to install the database on your own servers.  This is a great option if you already have your own IT infrastructure and have staff available to manage it.

Some advantages of hosting your CMMS internally include;

  • More control over your security
  • Servers are located on-site
  • Database can be accessed through the intranet (less reliance on having an internet connection)
  • No monthly hosting fees or accounts
  • Non-shared environment
  • More bandwidth

With complete control over your hardware and data, you will demand greater control over your security and information.  As you can locate your servers wherever you please, you can choose to access your information through an intranet (increasing security) and have less reliance on the internet.

Your costs are high at the beginning, but there is no monthly fee to pay, and you can be certain that your system’s performance won’t be affected by anyone else’s use.

On the other hand, if you decide to host your database in the cloud, you can expect benefits such as;

  • Scalability
  • Easy implementation
  • Professional practitioners
  • Frees up internal resources
  • Quality of service

What scalability means in terms of IT requirements, is that your company can easily adapt to changes in capacity and load.  Cloud computing usually follows a utility model, which means service costs are based on consumption, so you only pay for what you use.

You won’t need to purchase hardware, so you are able to get your cloud computing arrangement off the ground quickly and with minimal start-up costs.

Your IT team is then free to focus on business-critical tasks, which also minimises new training and labour costs. 

Below are some pros and cons of hosting your system internally or externally.

Internal (locally)

External (Cloud)





Single-Sign on


Easy to set up

Users need to remember an extra set of passwords

Faster connection

Rely on home server, and internet connection when away from home

Likely to have less downtime than on own server.

Use depends on internet connection

Future scalability

Tied in with 1 solution

Better security as no access to server

Pupil data stored on a server outside the school


May be harder to administer upgrades/enhancements

Upgrades extra modules can be done for us.

May be additional costs for installing extra features in the future.

Develop in house skills so not reliant on one person

need the skills for maintenance

Maintenance and backups taken care of

Problems solved at the mercy of the hosting company.

Cheaper long term

Probably more expensive short term

Cheaper to set up

Yearly cost



Takes no physical space at premises


Depending on your business requirements, either of these options may be perfect for you.  You might even need a combination of both if you have many sites.

If you want help determining which option if best for your organisation and your CMMS, don’t hesitate to contact us.