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JT Johnson and Sons Case Study

JT Johnson and Sons Case Study

J.T Johnson & Sons is an Australian company that has grown to become one of the leading manufactures & marketers of animal stock feed. With a strong foundation in Australia, J.T Johnson & Sons are also the largest exporter of hay, pellets and straw to Middle Eastern and Asian fodder markets.

MEX is crucial to our maintenance operation here at J.T Johnson & Sons as we have over the years made solid investments into high quality infrastructure and also into our milling and harvesting equipment to ensure that they are operating at world class standards. We use MEX as a means to record all comprehensive service and costs involved in maintaining this equipment and also use the MEX Stores module to keep on top of our inventory levels.

Exporting goods requires us to adhere to strict quarantine guidelines and vigorous cleaning routines. MEX facilitates the monitoring and organisation of this routine by scheduling cleaning jobs and recording all necessary job notes, work orders and expenses.

“MEX has allowed us to better track, plan and review our plant maintenance and repairs. It has also greatly increased our purchasing visibility and our ability to manage spare part stock levels.”

Take a look at the full J.T Johnson & Sons Case Study for more information.

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