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Laminex Group Case Study

Laminex Group Case Study

The Laminex Group is Australia’s leading supplier of modern laminates, quality engineered stone, timber panelling and much more. Laminex has six manufacturing sites across Australia and our maintenance processes are very asset intensive.

MEX was chosen as the best fit for Laminex due to its modern interface and high level of support. Whilst implementing the system, MEX helped us remove the risk we are facing of system failure.

As part of this project, we are developing an interface between MEX and our ERP. This will allow us to use MEX Stores and the Purchasing Module alongside our current system. The MEX/ERP Interface will remove manual transactions and eliminate double handling of data between the two systems.

MEX is allowing us to setup a strong foundation that we can build upon and ultimately achieve our availability and reliability goals.

Take a look at the full Laminex Group Case Study for more information.

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