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Maintenance Management and Safety in the Workplace

Maintenance Management and Safety in the Workplace

An unmaintained piece of equipment is a dangerous one. Allowing staff to continue to operate such equipment is reckless and can lead to serious consequences, not to mention prolonged downtime. In this article we discuss how you can use MEX to strengthen your safety efforts and highlight the modules of MEX suited to help you enforce a safety-first approach.

As well as keeping a sound record of your equipment’s maintenance or lack thereof, a maintenance management system like MEX allows for the early identification of operating issues. This allows you to identify any trends that could lead to the unsafe operation of your equipment, or put a cap on any downtime that may occur due to overuse and under maintenance.

Having a consistent maintenance history can also help to investigate any serious breakdowns. 
Safety in the workplace is paramount, and having a tool that can ensure the highest levels of OH&S within the workplace are maintained will not only lead to safe working environment but also a productive one.

MEX offers a number of options to aid our clients in ensuring compliance with current state and federal OH&S legislation. MEX CMMS, in conjunction with MEX Ops, provides a frame work to identify, report and control any risks, hazards and unsafe conditions arising during our customers’ operational and maintenance activities.

MEX Ops Requests may be employed as a means to report any unsafe or hazardous conditions identified within a workplace or during the operation of the plant and equipment. This method is successfully used by many of our customers. The use of MEX Ops ensures that issues are reported in a timely and efficient manner to ensure that management and staff meet the duty of care obligations required by the OH&S legislation.  Any reported issues may be addressed by raising Work Orders where maintenance actions are required to rectify the hazardous or unsafe conditions.

The use of MEX Inspections provides functionality that can be used to establish audit or conditional monitoring processes for the detection of unsafe conditions in a work place or to ensure that plant and equipment is fit for purpose.  Work Orders may be raised to address any anomalies detected during the inspection process allowing them to be dealt with accordingly.

Specific notes and safety requirements that must be adhered to when maintenance activities are performed can be included in the safety notes field displayed on the details tab of a MEX Work Order. In addition to the Safety Notes the Risk tab of the Work Order may be utilised to assess and identify any risks associated with the maintenance activity and the control measures required to eliminate or mitigate those risks. 

MEX Risks Tab
MEX Risks tab in the Work Order details

A new addition to MEX, includes the Permits tab of a Work Order’s details and also provides a Permit to Work functionality. These Permits may then be associated to a Work Order that identifies the work to be undertaken, the precautions necessary to perform the work and permission to commence the work. 

MEX Permits
MEX Permits tab in the Work Order details

The MEX iOS app supports electronic signature capture to aid the completion and sign off of Permits. The Work Orders Status Control File can be utilised to indicate when permits are completed and when work is able to commence.  MEX Preventative Maintenance and Inspection functionalities also include these same functions.

Used correctly, the MEX Maintenance Software can help you make your workplace safer, your equipment safe to operate and your staff free from harm. Should anything happen, you are backed up with a comprehensive history of work performed and safety procedures to follow.

Take your OH&S efforts to the next level with MEX and eliminate hits to the bottom line.

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