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Most Read Blog Articles of 2016

Most Read Blog Articles of 2016

Have you ever wondered which our articles your fellow MEX professionals have been interested in?

We have so we decided to delve into the stats and find out what were our top ten article of 2016. Below you will find the top ten read articles by our customers in 2016.


Catalogue Images in MEX V15
This tech tip looked at the images in the MEX V15 catalogue listing which are now saved as documents.


Minimum Requirements for setting up MEX
This article covered the minimum requirement needed to set up MEX.


Active Directory Integration in MEX V15
MEX V15 comes with it the ability to use Active Directory accounts in MEX. In this Tech Tip we go through how you can configure and use this feature in MEX.


Introducing Quoting in MEX
A number of customers have requested the addition of Quoting into MEX and we listened. Adding the Quote Module to the latest version of MEX.


New MEX Customers September
A list of our newest customers to purchase MEX in September 2017


Upgrading to MEX V15
With the release of the new MEX Version 15, we are saw an influx of users wanting to upgrade their system. To help out with these requests, we prepared the following a guide to help users with the upgrading process of MEX.


Training Dates 2017
The release of all training dates for 2017 with information on how to register for both public and private training dates in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.


New MEX Website
We took on a cleaner look using the MEX colours with the site fully scalable to all devices with the new and improved MEX website.


MEX Ops Takes On A New Look
MEX Ops has now been rolled into the MEX V15 system and takes on the same look and feel as MEX. Giving you a full screen experience and allowing users to access ops on a number of different browsers and devices including android tablets.


No surprises here! The most read article on the MEX Blog was the Introduction of MEX Version 15.

Introducing MEX Version 15
Our most recent product launch drew the most readership over 2016.  MEX version 15 A comprehensive Maintenance Management that is fully browser based and saleable.