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Permits Merged with Electronic Forms

Permits Merged with Electronic Forms

Permits give our customers the ability to ensure that anyone that needs to get a task done, has the right accreditation to do so. MEX have expanded on the ability to add permits to work orders by increasing the capability of saving such electronic forms.

For this reason, we have merged Permits with Electronic Forms, and this feature can now be found on the documents tab of Work Orders and Preventative Maintenance Schedules.

This means the tab Permits in no longer included on the respective detail’s forms. Here is an example:

Work Order Documents Tab Permits

Any Forms attached to the work order can be printed separately using the Open Document button and printing from inside the forum. Alternatively, if we have the print option to Include Attached Documents enabled when printing the work order, any and all forums will be included on the printed report.

Work Order Print Options

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