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Reap the Benefits of MEX Hosting

Reap the Benefits of MEX Hosting

MEX offers the ultimate flexibility in installation where you are able to run the system through a private network or online via our Data Hosting Service. At MEX we want to provide you with a feature rich Hosting experience that not only makes working with MEX easier, but allows for a faster and more reliable service.

Now with almost 1 in 4 MEX customers now utilising Hosting, we have put in place a foolproof Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure MEX is continually available. As our customers rely more and more on anytime, anywhere connectivity of their systems, we are confident that our hosted solution will run seamlessly. Boasting a 99% uptime on its services, MEX Hosting takes the hassle out of maintaining your system where you experience continuous upgrades, reduced costs and fast-tracked support.

All data is kept in a secure vault with extensive layers of security to keep your company’s data secure. Not to mention our scalable, flexible and highly available infrastructure through Microsoft Azure to give you the IT agility and scalability you need.

Hosted customers will also be able to reap the benefits of receiving all MEX upgrades instantly and gain fast tracked resolution from the MEX support team. By hosting your system with MEX, it allows our team to provide instant assistance and real-time guidance should any issues arise. It eliminates the middle man and removes the need for unnecessary IT personnel so you can focus on the things that matter most – managing your maintenance!

See how our robust hosting service stacks up against an in-house setup here:

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