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Take a leaf from the Supermarkets XMAS Preparations

Take a leaf from the Supermarkets XMAS Preparations

With Christmas only 25 days away, shopping centers around the world have already had their festive preparations in full swing. Xmas Decorations went up in October, Christmas puddings and chocolate Santa’s have already attracted our eyes (and stomachs) on the shelves and the war on ham prices is well and truly in motion.

Retailers understand that being prepared for the festive season will not only ease the load on them when their stores are jam packed, but also give them great returns on the profits side of things.

We all can learn from this and relate it back to our jobs and the assets that we are entrusted with.

“Think about what you have to do today to solve and avoid tomorrow’s problems.”

We work with certain pieces of equipment and by now should fully understand which jobs are strenuous and require those pieces of equipment to be in their very best condition.

So rather than waiting for the week before to prep the loader, or oil the engine. Have a comprehensive maintenance plan in place leading up to your big jobs. Ensure that all your preventative maintenance schedules are done on time and that your equipment are primed and ready to get to work. Who knows that could even get you into Santa’s good books in time for Christmas day!

Just like the supermarkets making their profits from festive shoppers, you too can cash in not only in this period, but all year round by being well prepared in advance and ready for your tasks at hand.

Do yourself a favor and get those equipment primed, you wouldn’t want to miss out on your xmas shopping dealing with an unnecessary breakdown now would you?