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Understanding our CMMS Concurrent User Licensing

Understanding our CMMS Concurrent User Licensing

A lot of our new or prospective customers haven’t come across a concurrent-user licensing system before.  This post will give you the information you need to make a decision regarding the number of licenses you need.

If you’re looking at purchasing MEX, one thing you’ll need to ask yourself is:

“How many people could be using MEX on the computer, iPhone or the iPad at the same point in time?”

By asking this question about your business needs, you will be able to determine how many User Licenses you will need, and estimate the costs involved.

MEX logins work on a concurrent user basis.  Concurrent user licensing is based on the number of users accessing the system at the same time.

This means that anyone in your company can access the system using any login details you have.

Let’s say you have purchased 5 user licenses.  This ensures that five people are able to log into MEX at the same time.

If a sixth person wants to use the system, then one of the five original users must first log out.  To help with this, MEX has an Inactivity Function.  This feature will log out an inactive user after 20 minutes, allowing others to log on.

You may install the MEX Computerised Maintenance Management System on as many computers, iPads and iPhones as you like, and have as many different people with the login details as you like. 

Just remember; the number of User Licenses you have, is the maximum number of users that will be able to log on to the system at the same time.