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Update to Password Security in MEX

Update to Password Security in MEX

With the latest update of MEX V15, password security also got an upgrade with functionality introduced to ensure each account has increased safety measures to prevent security breaches.

This has been achieved by allowing administrators to force users to change their password every X days. On top of this we have also added more constraints to user passwords. Whereby the user needs to have

  • A minimum of 8 characters
  • Must have 1 capital letter
  • 1 special character
  • It cannot contain the first name/ last name/user name
  • and it can’t contain any words in the common words list - this list can be configured through the hyperlink on the security switches form.

Locating the Common Words List

  • Open the Control Files and click the Security Switches Button.
  • Under Enforce Password Strength, a hyperlink for specified words will give you access to the common words list.
  • Here you can add or delete new common words

Security Status


Multiple Login Attempts

If a password is entered incorrectly multiple times the user can now be locked out for a specified amount of time set by the admin.
This option has been added to the main Control Files form, as shown below.

Control Files

Along with these enhancements, we have also fixed some bugs when trying to use forgotten password, reset password when encryption is turned on and when encryption is turned on you can now login as expected after the user time out has expired

Changing Passwords

Someone always seems to forget their passwords. Admin users can change or update password in the control files under security users.

  • Select the user you want to update
  • In the bottom left hand corner, you have two options
    • One to reset password
    • One to change password,
  • Resetting the password will allow the user to login and choose their new password and change their password will allow the admin to select a password for them.

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