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Work From Anywhere

Work From Anywhere

Most importantly, we hope that you are all well and are staying safe in these trying times. With COVID-19 causing an unprecedented reaction worldwide, having the ability to work away from your office can help businesses continue to monitor equipment and facility maintenance.

For our customers that need to have access to MEX from where ever they may be, our hosted solution can give you this. Allowing users to be able to

  • Effectively schedule maintenance
  • Assign maintenance tasks remotely
  • Run Statutory Reports any time
  • Request Maintenance at the drop of a hat

See what the MEX Data Hosting solution can do for you today:

MEX Data Hosting

For more information about the service or if you have the need for more licenses you can get in touch with our Sales team at or call +61 7 3392 4777.

Work From Anywhere

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