Health Care Maintenance Management

Vital CMMS for Health Care

Maintenance in a Health Care facility can mean the difference between life and death. Making maintenance and the tools used in a medical facility extremely important in the whole operation of the equipment and facilities that house them.

Failure to correctly maintain or prove you maintain your facility to certifiable standards can come with some pretty serious consequences. Anything from ineffective working operations, accidents, equipment breakdowns can lead to sanctions, fine or even loss of accreditation.

That’s why it’s important to have quality maintenance management and control systems in place to effectively maintain your medical facilities and keep equipment in working order.

That’s why you need MEX.

MEX allows your maintenance team to focus their efforts on resolving issues. Whether it is the functioning of elevators, HVAC systems regulations, disabled patients’ access, medical machines operation or food supplies access.

How can MEX help you?

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Manage Your Assets

The MEX Way

Make Safety the number one Priority

Advise employees about the safety requirements of any task they are assigned through informative Work Orders. From any potential hazards, required permits, risk assessment ranking, down to the personal protective equipment they need for the task.

Ensure Equipment Availability

MEX lets you establish an effective Preventative Maintenance Schedule to help keep medical equipment reliable, safe and available for use when required for diagnostic procedures, treatments, rehabilitation and patient monitoring.

Schedule Maintenance With Ease

Hospitals run 24/7 and employ a large workforce. MEX can ensure maintenance activities can work around the day to day running of a health care facility by scheduling, dispatching and tracking maintenance activities and the work they are carrying out.

Stay Compliant and Up to Standards

Every health care facility must adhere to strict government regulations. Regular auditing can help ensure that equipment is working accurately and in a compliant manner. MEX allows you to store all important records that you can later retrieve for reporting.

Maintenance Requests


Users can submit maintenance requests from a browser, mobile phone or tablet. With all details, photos, videos or predefined electronic forms.

Working in conjunction with MEX, your maintenance team can then categorically sort requests according to a preferred priority schedule.

In the process, weeding out any low priority issues and turning high priority requests into actionable Work Orders.

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MEX Ops Request Process
Health Care CMMS

Hollywood Private Hospital

Allison, Admin Officer

"Reporting features are excellent. I like having the ability to change names so I can virtually create the style of report/work order I like and that suits our company."

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