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5 ways Mobile Facilities Management will save your company money

5 ways Mobile Facilities Management will save your company money

Of all the maintenance managers I know, there is one thing they all have in common.

They are always on the move.

Rarely do they have time to sit down at their computers and fill in details of the day’s work. 

I also know that my best thoughts don’t come to me when I’m sitting in front of a screen.  They hit me when I’m out in the field, when I’m walking to my next appointment, and when I’m stuck in traffic on the way to work.

I’m sure this happens to you too. 

This is why Mobile Facilities Management can offer such an advantage to an on-the-go Facilities Manager.

Mobile Facilities Management handles the administration of your assets and facilities through a mobile or portable device, such as an iPad, iPhone or other handheld unit.  It is a relatively new technology and one that will continue to improve at a rapid rate.

Not only are these systems convenient, easy to use and powerful, but they can actually offer you savings in many ways.

       1.  Increase staff productivity.

This directly relates to the double-handling of information that is common within facility operations. 

Rather than fill out work orders, job requests or asset details on paper, then enter the information in your Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) later, you can simply enter the information into your Mobile Facilities Management System once.

It saves you time, which saves you money.

        2.  Improve communication

The world we live in today is a connected one.  It can help us get things done, sometimes it can provide distraction, but mostly, it breeds productivity.

Imagine if this connectivity could extend past a voicemail or a text message.  This is what a Mobile Facilities Management System aims to achieve.

By allowing the user to stay connected with their CMMS out in the field, they can relay information, request work, and update the state of equipment in real-time.  This keeps bosses, co-workers and clients in the loop.  It can also help to minimise misunderstandings, and help foster better relationships.

       3.   Sustainable operations

We can all agree that sustainability is an important issue in today’s business realm.    One way to achieve this is by minimising use of paper in your organisation. 

By removing or limiting your paper-based systems and replacing them with a Mobile system it is possible to achieve a higher standard of work, less double-handling of information, create a sustainable work environment, and save money.

       4.  Compliance issues

In many trade industries there are stringent regulations to ensure fair practice and adequate customer care is provided.  Companies must be compliant to compete and a Mobile Asset Management platform can provide employees with information when they are out in the field, making decisions.  Making the correct decision can ensure your company stays in-step with trade terms and conditions, and avoid fines and discipline.

        5.  Adapt to survive

The world is constantly evolving and the maintenance world in no exception.  Thinking on your feet, acting timely, and staying in-the-loop are all necessities when responding swiftly to a changing environment. 

Mobile Facilities Management is a fantastic tool for improving your company’s efficiency out in the field.  Your whole spectrum of business operations can benefit from a system of improved communication, improved resourcefulness and greater efficiency.