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How Good Is Your Memory

How Good Is Your Memory

Before you read any more of this article, have a look at the following animals. 

MEX Memory Test Animals

Now go to another page, don’t look back at this page and see how many you can remember.

So, go and do this and then come back and read on.

Now that your back,

According to a famous study by George Miller, we can remember 7 things, plus or minus 2, at any one time.  And that is all the short term memory can hold. So, if you got 10 out of 10, you are a genius.   But, the vast majority will get just as many as what Miller said.

And that is why we make, sell and love MEX, our maintenance and inventory management system.

Because, if you own 100 + pieces of equipment that all require multiple PM’s to be done.  Have a multitude of Purchase Orders created daily,  hundreds of job requests and thousands of spare parts then you have to have a great system to manage all of it.

And that is what we make.  An industrial grade system that can run across the world and provides the memory that you need.
MEX runs in all sorts of businesses, from Mining Management to kitchens,  providing benefits that you cannot possibly get from relying on our memory.  Like, what piece of equipment should be scrapped because it costs too much to maintain. What contractor has the worst and best performance.  What Preventative Maintenance Schdules do we need to run and so on and so on.

MEX, with over 10,000 users runs on PC’s, Macs, Ipads and Android devices.

Steve Ninnes
MEX Managing Director