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A word from our Hosted Customers

A word from our Hosted Customers

Our Hosting platform has been diligently developed to give you the most secure accessibility when it comes to using your MEX system. We know that we would not exist if it weren’t for our loyal customers where we are thoroughly committed to ensuring complete satisfaction for all users.

From time to time we like to check up with our customers to make sure we are doing a great job and always love getting feedback on our services. Below are some comments from our customers who use the MEX Data Hosting Service.  

“We chose MEX Hosting because there are MEX users in the Perth Metro as well as in the North West (Port Hedland, Onslow, Roebourne). We needed all users to be able to access the MEX system regardless of location, where MEX Hosting was the best option for us.”
WA Limestone – Andre Lim

“The changeover to MEX Hosting was seamless where we haven’t ever had any issues with the service. The level of support we have received from MEX over the time has been great”
Homeground Village – Ebony Beveridge

“Our Data Hosting strategy is based on the principle that MEX best knows how to manage their applications data and the intricacies of how it performs.”
New Zealand King Salmon – Kim Hooper

New Zealand King Salmon Case Study

“Our company chose MEX Data Hosting as we do not have any room left on our servers and we haven’t had any issues with the service whilst using MEX remotely or onsite.”
Tweddle Child and Family Health Services – Barbara Conroy

“Hosting our system’s data with the MEX Data Hosting Service has simpli­fied the process of accessing our asset information from all our sites and receiving upgrades.”
Astoria Group – Maria Shanahan

Astoria Group Case Study

“MMT chose MEX Data Hosting because it ensures we have a system that has ease of access, guaranteed data security that is constantly backed up.”
Mackenzie Marine & Towage – Paul Mulholland

“With MEX Data Hosting we have seen a big increase in system performance. It also makes setting up new users at any of our sites so much easier.”
QSL Martin Sassenberg, Engineering Manager

QSL Case Study

“I’d also recommend having MEX host the database so that it can be accessed from anywhere. Initially we were hosting it ourselves, however migrated not long after implementing which has made using MEX, especially on our remote sites much better.”
Cape Utilities – Andrew Russell

Cape Utilities Case Study

Interested in Hosting your data with MEX?

Over the last few months, MEX Data Hosting has gone through a significant number of improvements that have further enhanced its security and availability. From infrastructure upgrades, security enhancements and extra monitoring efforts.

If you are not hosted and are interested in this service, click the link below to see what our hosting service offers:

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