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Interfacing with the MEX Maintenance Software

Interfacing with the MEX Maintenance Software

MEX has the power to interface with other systems and create a seamless automated link between the two.

On its own, MEX is a powerful asset management and maintenance package, with a number of maintenance and inventory specific features specially designed to make life easier for you and your technicians. This reliability and flexibility comes from our passion to deliver easy to use functions with simplicity as the focus.

This is especially true if you need MEX to talk to another package, whether it be MYOB, SAP, Dynamics AX or any other system. MEX can provide an easy, automated solution for every scenario that works just as MEX does; simply and effectively. This is as easy as it gets, eliminating double entry with no extra interaction required – just use MEX and let the interface handle the rest in the background.

Every situation is unique which is why we shape interfaces around your requirements. It will fit uniquely to your company and work how you need it to work. Use MEX because you want to and everything else because you have to.

If you are interested in interfacing your financial package or any other system to MEX, please contact our sales team at or call +61 7 3392 4777.

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