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Reporting In The MEX IOS App

Reporting In The MEX IOS App

A typical MEX database would have a large amount information flowing through it on a daily basis. Making the need to effectively visualize and understand this data through MEX Reporting and KPIs a vital part of the maintenance system.

Reporting and KPIs allow you to select and view the exact data you need to make informed decisions about the running of your equipment. This helps you develop an understanding with your management team by giving you the tools to provide an accurate account of where your maintenance operation is at.

For example reports like

  • Asset costs for each month
  • A comprehensive downtime report
  • A summary of overdue Work Orders and Operational Costs

These are just some of the reports that can provide you with a comprehensive set of data to evaluate. Data that can act as the evidence you need to request for an increase in maintenance budgets, more manpower or critical equipment replacements. More importantly these reports give you the ability to identify emerging trends in your equipment’s operation, allowing you to fix small issues before they turn into show stoppers.

Increasing the versatility of MEX, our iOS app gives you all the reporting capabilities of MEX and more. No matter where you are, you can easily and instantly preview the report you need. There are over 200 reports to choose from, ranging from pie charts to histograms to scatterplots to lists. What you can select from out the box is staggering.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to find the report you need and preview it on the MEX app.

  • Open the MEX iOS app on your iPad
  • On the Main Menu of MEX tap the Reports button
  • All 200 plus reports will now appear on the screen
  • For this case we want to see the Backlog of Work by Job type. So scroll through the listing and select that report
  • Fill in the parameters you need
  • Once you are ready tap the Preview button.

From here you can just have a look at the report, print it or email off to management.

But what if the report you want does not exist?

In the case where an existing report or KPI doesn’t meet your requirements, we can tailor make one for you. For those who want to create their own reports, MEX gives you the tools to create your own reports. To get an understanding of how this works please check out one of our earlier articles: How Do Reports work in MEX?

MEX Today

On top of real-time reporting, 200 or more different reports and a paperless system, the MEX App, through the MEX Today module, becomes a hub of reports and KPIs that directly compliment your work. You configure it once and everything you need is in the one spot.

To give you an idea, you could open MEX Today and instantly know the current work orders overdue for completion, the requests not responded to and from there go and generate the Outstanding Work Order report filtered to your site and department. With that report you could just preview it or send it to your boss in an email.


It’s also possible to print reports directly from the App. For this to work the printer must be on your network and have Airprint functionality.
To print:

  • On your iOS device generate your desired report
  • Choose Actions -> Print
  • Then select your printer

If the printer isn’t listed it may not have Air Print functionality. Don’t stress! You can get around this by installing a program called O’Print for Windows will allow you to pick from the printers installed on your computer and make them Air Print enabled. I have added more information on this in the description.

After that, the printer should come up when you go to print the report.

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Any Questions?

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