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The Evolution of MEX Data Hosting

The Evolution of MEX Data Hosting

Over the last few months, MEX Data Hosting has gone through a significant number of improvements that have further enhanced its security and availability. This has been the result of effective testing and proactive administration. As well as working very closely with our hosted customers.

From an infrastructure perspective, our servers are primed and running at their full potential. With a maximum number of 50 customers per shared box and for some customers – dedicated boxes, our users get more computing power to fully utilise their systems. Being an Azure hosted service, should a server need more grunt, we have the capacity to do so at our fingertips and with minimal disruption to overall user access.

Piggybacking off Azure’s industry-standard networks and features allowing us to boast a 99% uptime. We are able to encrypt traffic and data that is backed up. Our firewalls are of the highest standard and all boxes utilise Microsoft’s Antimalware software that employs a real-time protection capability that helps identify and remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

A successful Pen Test helped to identify areas not only in the application itself but also for the MEX Hosting Service. Allowing our team to further enhance the service. Measures like security upgrades to the MEX product, improved authentication methods, applying stringent security policies, greater control of documents saved on the hosted servers through the MEX application and much more.

On top of all that, our Data Hosting administrators attentively monitor all hosted systems around the clock and ensure that all systems are up to date with the latest MEX updates. Our Hosting admins use highly innovative monitoring systems alongside ping services and alerts to stay informed and instantly advise customers of any outages or issues.

If you are not hosted and are interested in this service, click the link below to see what our hosting service offers:

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