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MEX February Enews 2017

MEX February Enews 2017

Here are the articles sent out in the MEX February MEX E News for 2017.

Introducing Asset Auditing

MEX is proud to announce the introduction of a brand new feature available in MEX Version 15 - Asset Auditing. Asset Auditing has been built of the back of Inspections in the Preventative Maintenance Module.

Asset Auditing FAQ

We’ve pre-empted some likely frequently asked questions to help everyone make the smooth transition to working with Asset Auditing in MEX. Have a read to learn more about how Asset Auditing can help you.

New Customers

MEX would like to welcome some of our newest customers for the month of February 2017. These customers are now an integral part of the MEX community.

MEX PNG Training Dates In March

MEX is running public training in PNG in March. We still have spots available for registration. We’ve taken on the feedback from last year and made the training class sizes smaller giving all attendees more one on one time with our experienced trainers.

How to Create An Audit Inspection in MEX

This tech tip goes through a step by step process on where to find and how to create an Asset Audit.

Performing An Asset Audit With MEX

This tech tip goes through the process on how to carry out an Asset Audit in MEX.

Tech Tip -  How To Change Names In MEX

You don’t have to stick to the names and terminology within MEX you actually have the ability to change and customize every name in MEX as you see fit! Find out more with this Tech Tip.

Tech Tip -  Where Are My Work Orders In MEX?

Ever had the frustrating moment when you’re looking for a Work Order or PM policy in your listing but just can’t find it? It might be just out of sight. Read this tech tip for more information.

Have you considered hosting MEX in the Cloud?

A stress-free transition, a quick set up with secure data and access anywhere anytime! What are you waiting for trial and get a quote today.

Private Training

Training is the best way to make sure your MEX skills are up to date and your utilising MEX to its full capacity. Our trainers/ consultants are available for private training if you think your system needs some extra attention or your staff need more training.

Review MEX

We love to hear what our customers think about us, you can review MEX and help other companies learn about your experiences with MEX as a software and MEX as a company.