MEX Report Designer

Introducing the all new MEX Report Designer

With the latest release of MEX V15 comes a brand-new Report Designer. The MEX Report Designer is now fully integrated into MEX 15. This means you can design reports right there in your browser.

Structured in a familiar but modern interface, the new designer makes it even easier to edit existing system reports and create new reports to suit your needs.

New features include an easy to use interface, upgraded Report QBE query designer, simple and effective Database Table Browser and Preview tools and a Cloud Based Report Repository to download MEX system reports and more.

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Intro To Report Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

To get access  to the new Report Designer, you will need to be on the latest build of MEX. The Report Designer was released in November’s Build 76 of MEX V15. Read more here - November MEX Release
Trial Report Designer in MEX
Access our free on-line 30 day trial and try out MEX Reporting for yourself. With no limitations, our trial also gives you an in-depth look at the system. Add Assets, run the Preventative Maintenance scheduler or run maintenance cost reports.

Trial MEX Report Designer
MEX Report Designer

New Report Editor

We have gone with a brand-new look and feel. With modern tool icons equipping you with all you need to work with report designs in MEX.

Report Query Designer

Upgraded Query Designer

The Report Query Designer has also been upgraded. Now integrated into MEX, you can write your query up or simply drag and drop to create one.

Report Preview

Instant Preview

As you create your report query, preview instantly and see what data is returned. Allowing you to visualise your report to better design it.

Report Library

Report Library

Need to restore a System Report? Access all MEX Reports through the MEX Report Library. A cloud-based repository of all current and new reports.

Statutory Reporting in MEX

In the industry today, being able to report the maintenance service history is very common across a wide range of customers where asset reliability, safety and regulatory compliance needs to be demonstrated.

MEX provides a reporting module containing a whole list of important reports as well as having the ability for customers to create new reports on just about any piece of data held in the maintenance system. A comprehensive maintenance history to satisfy industry and regulatory compliance is the driving factor.

Customising Reports

On top of the comprehensive set of reports, MEX also allows the full customisation of reports. From editing an existing report to creating brand new reports. Our brand-new Report designer released in November 2018, allows for MEX users to edit reports directly within the application.