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Performance Improvements in MEX over the years

Performance Improvements in MEX over the years

We take a look at the lengths our development team have taken over the years to improve Performance in MEX.

  • May 2019

    Introducing Caching in MEX and Endless Scrolling. Helping customers with large lists load their data faster read more

  • November 2018

  • December 2017

    An improved MEX Out of Browser (OOB) standalone client is released. read more

  • July 2017

    Database Indexing and Auditing for records older than 6 months and we also made data transfer more efficient. read more

  • July 2017

    Improvements made to our Client-Side Response Time and we included a new Custom View functionality.

    July 2017 release

  • June 2017

    Introduced a Performance Diagnosis form in the Control Files of MEX.

  • October 2016

    Improvements to the MEX start up time, General database interaction, Listing Columns added and Work Order details loading improvements.

    October 2016 release

  • May 2016

    MEX Version 15 is released and over the next three years will be refined into what is our best product to date.

Check out the detailed Performance Improvements timeline from over the years:

Performance Improvements

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