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MEX 15 Turns 3

MEX 15 Turns 3

Since its inception in May 2016, MEX 15 has grown into one of the most stable versions MEX has ever released. With the world turning to more browser-based systems, we also jumped at this opportunity, taking our tried and tested system from dot net and upgrading the look and feel to MEX 15. In the process carrying over the core robust functionality that is synonymous with the MEX name.

To further enhance the new platform, we added importing functionality into MEX, Asset AuditingGod ModeQuotes, Integrated Active Directory, added Single Sign On options to logins and rolled the Report Designer and Report Library into MEX. With upgrades to MEX Ops and the Dashboard KPI’s, all MEX products are now fully browser based.

Customer up take of this version has been on the rise over the past three years, and today we are proud to say that usage levels peak at over 6,500 unique users per day.

As always performance is a big priority for us and over the years, we have spent considerable amount of time working with our customers and improving MEX 15’s performance. Take a look at our Performance Improvements Timeline for a clear idea on the lengths we have gone too, to improve the speed of MEX.

On top of all that, our Data Hosting service has grown with MEX 15, providing the option for a quick and easy setup on a fast and reliable Hosted Service that we fully manage in-house. Here’s a look at the growth of our Hosted Service over the last two years.

Where to from here?

We will continue to stay true to our roots and “Keep it Simple”. We will keep the feel and functionality the same but dissect the inner workings of our system so that you, the Customer get the most out of our CMMS Solution, without having to change too much of your procedures.

With a multiplatform mobile app in the pipe line, 2019 will see MEX tap into the Android market and also build upon our proven iOS app.

Stay Tuned!

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