MEX App Training

MEX App – Four Hour Training Course


In the MEX Mobile course, you will learn how to navigate your way through the MEX App on a Microsoft platform. Your experience gained from this course will provide you with the sufficient skills required to use the mobile app on a Universal Windows Platform (UWP), an Android platform, and/or an Apple platform.

This course concentrates on an end user, who is primarily responsible for completing their day-to-day activities on a mobile app. This can involve such processes as updating the details of an existing Asset, updating their allocated Work Order, closing their Work Order off to History, or creating Maintenance Requests for further works. The participant will also learn how to complete an electronic form and view an Assets critical spares.

This course is designed to run over a four-hour period, allowing multiple groups to attend.

The MEX App – Four Hour Training Course includes these topics:

  • Introduction to MEX Mobile
  • Navigate in the MEX App
    • The Main Menu
    • Listing Screen
    • Details Screen
  • Work Orders
    • Create a new Work Order
    • Close a Work Order off to History
    • Update labour hours in a Work Order
    • Update tasks in a Work Order
    • Update parts in a Work Order
    • Fill in and lock in an Electronic Document
    • Update an existing Inspection Work Order
    • Create a Post Entry Work Order
  • History
    • View the details of a Closed Work Order
  • Asset Register
    • Navigate in the Asset Register
    • Search for an Asset
    • View the Assets’ Information screen
    • Update existing Asset details
  • Readings
    • Enter and process Readings for multiple Assets
  • Requests
    • Create a Request
  • Reports
    • Preview a Report


Dependent on the device that this course is delivered on, will determine whether the participant requires a basic understanding of computer use or a basic understanding of mobile use.

You will need to install and configure the MEX App. You can obtain the MEX App from the Microsoft Store, the Google Play Store, or the iOS Apple Store. We will provide you with a training database link for the duration of training, and confirm the configurable settings required to complete the courses exercises.

NB: Please be aware that running this course privately will necessitate certain equipment and/or technical requirements. If you feel that you may not be able to meet these requirements, please contact us to find out what options are available to you.

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