Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Assset Management The MEX Way

The ultimate goal of any organisation is to achieve maximum productivity, whilst running at minimum costs in both operation and in the maintenance of their assets. Achieving this will not only prove the difference in the profit margin, but can also gain a competitive edge within the organisation’s industry. As capital-intensive industries like Utilities and Facilities become more competitive, ensuring they get the best return on investment (ROI) from their assets will go a long way in achieving their goals.

How would you go about measuring how well your assets are operating and at what level? Knowing this can then determine how to go about improving from the currently operating efficiency. That’s where an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System comes in. Allowing for the analysis of Maintenance Expenditure and Operational costs.

The MEX Solution

MEX has delivered measurable results to asset-intensive businesses for the past 20 years and continues to be at the forefront of the maintenance industry, utilising the best tools, techniques and ideas. The MEX EAM is an easy to use system with simple navigation and consists of a comprehensive Asset Register, Work Order and History, Preventative Maintenance and Inspections, Reporting, Inventory and Purchasing and Request Management.

Features of the MEX EAM

The features of MEX Enterprise Management System include:

  • Asset Register - Management of all the assets contained within a company.
  • Requests, Work Order, Preventative Maintenance, Inspections and History - All the work is managed comprehensively by MEX. From the schedule of work to do next year to who is doing what work now.
  • Readings - Any sort of reading can be recorded and managed in MEX. Link it in with SCADA or most recording system.
  • Invoices - Bill your customers for work done.
  • Inventory - A comprehensive inventory management system, including multiple stores, locations, prices. Through to stocktake control.
  • Purchasing - Management of the entire requisition and purchasing process.
  • Security - Unlimited levels of security, approvals and multiple locations for a regional set up of data.

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