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Mondelez formerly known as Kraft Foods is one of the most recognizable and wholesome food manufacturing companies of the past century. In 2013 Kraft made the name change to Mondelez which loosely translates in several languages to a ‘delicious world’ perfectly embodying their ideology and products. Their brands include the classic Vegemite, Cadbury Chocolate, The Natural Confectionery Co, Philadelphia and the childhood favourite twist lick and dunk Oreo. These popular brands are valued at 1 billion US dollar each with the gross value of the company estimated at 39 Billion US dollars.

Mondelez manufactures these internationally renowned brands across 6 plants located in Australia and New Zealand and ships to 165 countries around the world. Mondelez employees approximately 110,000 worldwide to support all avenues of the business.

“Since implementing MEX we have seen a dramatic decrease in our paper usage and the majority of our day to day tasks are now computerized.”

What are the maintenance goals at Mondelez?

We have four main maintenance goals at Mondelez including:

  1. Zero Harm

    • We aim to provide a zero harm workplace for our staff by implementing stringent work place health and safety standards.
    • In relation to our products and customers we strive for zero harm. Manufacturing multiple products entails vigilant safety procedures to ensure there is no cross contamination.

  2. Uptime

    • To ensure our factories are running at optimal levels, we aim to maximize our equipment uptime by staying on top of their maintenance.

  3. Flexibility

    • We operate multiple factories that have unique manufacturing purposes and individual maintenance goals. We aim to ensure we are flexible in achieving individual goals for each of our sites.

  4. Customer service

    • Our goal is to maintain high levels of friendly and professional communications and service between our departments.

What challenges were you experiencing prior to purchasing MEX?

Prior to implementing MEX we struggled with a stagnate system, we needed a program that could be modified to suit a variety of maintenance tasks. Through our experience we’ve learnt that implementing a one size fits all approach to maintenance does not yield any improvements and so we needed a program that could be versatile and personalized on a task to task basis.

We also struggled to adequately store information relating to our assets paperwork was piling up, making it a challenge to keep everything together. Our old system didn’t allow for the attachment of work approvals, images or documents to the pertaining asset. This left us with an incomplete overview of our maintenance and assets making it difficult to make informed decisions on how best to approach maintenance.

What made MEX stand out against our competitors?

Several MEX features stood out as a point of difference when compared to other CMMS systems. MEX offered us the flexibility to have a portable and personalized maintenance system. The MEX iOS app, customizations and custom reports available were therefore a big draw for us.

The MEX system offered a user friendly approach to maintenance practices and offered amongst other things a simple to use maintenance scheduling tool and request approval function. This allows us to plan our maintenance with ease and forecast work going forward.

One of the main features that stood out was the Preventative Maintenance (PM) structure in MEX. This set MEX apart from the rest and gave us the ability to easily generate PM plans to assist in the reduction of equipment failure and further our maintenance goals of maximizing manufacturing uptime.

What did your decision-making process look like? Were there any factors or features that you considered heavily?

Yes, there were four factors that reinforced our decision when looking to purchase MEX.

  1. MEX Support meant we would always have assistance throughout our use of MEX
  2. Custom Reports that could be self-created by us or supported and created by MEX
  3. Integration with our pre-existing finance software meant a more seamless transition
  4. The ability to move towards a paperless work-flow

How have you benefited from using MEX?

Since implementing MEX we have seen a dramatic decrease in our paper usage and the majority of our day to day tasks are now computerized. This now eliminates double handling and reduces the risk of losing data. MEX being paperless allows us to digitalize all maintenance information giving us a comprehensive library of data in one location. This makes it simple to report on practices and look for areas where we can improve maintenance processes.

Can you give a specific example where you feel MEX has led to a return on investment?

At Mondelez we really struggled with copious amounts of permits within work orders. Prior to MEX this was an entirely paper based system that was nearly impossible to administer, the processes were lengthy and frustrating. Now thanks to MEX all the right information is completed, stored and reported on. We’ve seen a clear return on investment through the significant reduction of administration hours allowing focus on more important tasks with the comfort of knowing that MEX will produce and store work permits for current and future purposes.

Do you have any other comments about MEX or your experiences with MEX?

I/We look forward to many years of a successful relationship working with MEX

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